Omics technology workshops


Lemeng Dong is organizing a series of workshops primarily related to RNAseq, metabolomics and metagenomics/metabarcoding. We started with just a few PhD students, now have quite a few of the other MiCRop PhD students involved, and it seems a lot of people are interested in learning more about these techniques. The idea is to help each other with data analysis and to stay informed and up-to-date on technologies and tools.

If you are interested in a certain technique, and can tell your fellow students about it or know somebody who can, please don’t hesitate to contact Lemeng. It doesn’t have to be an entire pipeline, but can also be a small but efficient function or method you discovered, eg, make a smart correlation, make a boxplot, arrange a data table, or a specific statistical analysis. We will appreciate whatever you share with us.

There is no pressure on the teachers; your talk doesn’t need to be perfect and can be short, we can use this opportunity to discuss things, learn small things. We hope the pace will be slow and suitable for real beginners.

We meet on Friday 10:00-12:00 biweekly via Zoom. Please let me know if you want to be in our list or if you think somebody would be interested to join. Then you can contact Lemeng Dong (, and explain your motivation. I will send you an invitation.

Multi-omics technology workshop schedule




12th Feb 2021

Lemeng Dong (UvA)

Kick off workshops

26th Feb 2021

Justin D. Stewart (VU)

Marker Gene Sequencing 16s rRNA Analysis

Hands on QIIME2 pipeline

12th March 2021

Justin D. Stewart (VU)

QIIME2 experience

9th April 2021

Kristyna Flokova (UvA)

Principles of plant hormone analysis

23th April 2021

Bora kim (UvA)

Multivariate analysis and feature selection

7th May 2021

Lemeng Dong (UvA)

Benjamin Thiombiano (UvA)

Data extraction and data preprocessing of metabolomics data

Hands on XC-MS pipeline

21st May 2021

Chrats Melkonian

Metagenomics data analysis

4th June 2021

Fred white (UvA)

RNAseq data analysis

21st July 2021

Thomas Blankers (UvA)

QTL analysis and linkage mapping