Open positions

Open positions

We opened two PhD positions on ‘Microbial metabolism of plant rhizosphere signals‘ and ‘ Biosynthesis of chemical signals in plants’.

BSc and MSc projects

We have opportunities for BSc and MSc projects on our research topics. Please ask for more information (

PhD and visiting scholarships

We support talented MSc students to apply for PhD scholarships such as from China Scholarship Council (CSC), EPS Graduate Programme ( and other scholarships.

We also welcome visiting scholars or exchange students; please don’t hesitate to contact me ( for further information.

Postdoc fellowships

If you are interested in one of the topics in the Metabolism LAB and would like to apply for your own postdoc fellowship (e.g. Marie Curie, EMBO, HFSP, FEBS or NWO VENI etc.), it would be my pleasure to host you and discuss these interesting topics with you. Please email me via