The chemical communication between potato and cyst nematodes as a basis for sustainable improvement of potato yield.

The hatching stimulant (HS) dependent hatching is of evolutionary importance as after hatching, nematodes can only survive for short periods of time, if they cannot find a host on which they totally depend for survival and reproduction. On the other hand, these compounds likely have an as yet unknown other beneficial role in potato performance. With HIP project we are developing a new strategy to use knowledge about this signaling relation between the host plant and the cyst nematodes for improved yield stability in potato. We are studying the biosynthesis route of the HSs as well as information on the molecular mechanisms underlying the perception of this compound by cyst nematodes and their role in potato.

Research ThemeBiotic Interaction
Duration2019 – 2023
Funding agencyNWO domain TTW- H.I.P.